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 Wild About Whitstable

A week-long series of events for all ages running from Monday August 8th to Sunday August 14th organised by the CT5 People's Forum with Natural Whitstable.


The CT5 People's Forum Eco Group have a ‘Wild About Whitstable ‘ Event office base for the week at the United Reform Church, MiddleWall  ( just off the High Street, behind the Playhouse, next to the car park) You will be able to find information about the week’s events, make bookings and chat with a member of the team open daily 11-16.00.

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Natural Whitstable at a Glance

Natural Whitstable brings together local organisations for the benefit of biodiversity, our community, the environment, and the wellbeing of individuals. We aim to empower people to get involved and make a difference in a space they care about be that garden, school, street corner, hedgerow, park, or woodland. We want to protect the beautiful natural spaces we have and create more abundance for wildlife and people. We are currently involved in promoting the "Wild About Whitstable" week of events organised by the CT5 People's Forum from August 8th to14th.

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Promote biodiversity

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Support community cohesion

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Improve the wellbeing of people and environment

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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